Hello! You’ve found our little blog post which probably means you’re considering pimping your IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen. Let me just start by saying I am no craft/upcycle queen. In fact this was my first ever upcycle project.

Like most people, including Life With Oaks & Olive  (see her blog) I too jumped on the whole IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen upcycle band wagon but simply didn’t have the time to do a full upcycle, and to be perfectly honest I didn’t want to spend the extra money either.
Bad mummy and daddy had left it until the last minute to go and buy a play kitchen from IKEA, to find out there was a national shortage. WHAT?!
Cue mass hysteria. I grabbed my phone in a mad panic to try and find one somewhere. In the end I bought Dexter’s kitchen second hand from a nice gentleman local to me for £35. Absolute winner! It was already built and in perfect condition. Couldn’t ask for anything better.
I’d already had the decal made which I wanted to use and was planning a very simple but effective make-over.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to my moderate pimped IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen.

My kit included:
1 x Sand paper (B&Q)
1 x Masking Tape (B&Q)
1 x Wood Paint in White (I already had this in from the last time we re-painted internal doors)
1 x Wood Primer (B&Q)
1 x Modern Little Kitchens Decal Kit (Modern Little People)

2 x Paint brush I Smaller one for edges and corners and larger one (B&Q)
1 x Thin board (This was actually a Hemmnes draw bottom FREE from IKEA)


Ikea Duktig Play KitchenIkea Duktig Play KitchenIKEA Duktig Play Kitchen

Step 1
First of all, I removed all the doors, hob piece and washing-up bowl. Using the sand paper I gave the whole kitchen a once over for about 15 minutes. My arms were killing me! Then using the bowl I gave it a wipe over with warm soapy water and hand dried it with a tea towel.
Step 2
Using the making tape I protected all the areas I didn’t want to get paint on like the pole for hanging the utensils, the tap and anywhere else you don’t want to get paint. I then primed all the wood using an old tin of wood primer I found in the shed. I did two coats of primer, each taking about 10 minutes, and left 20 minutes between each coat. You don’t have to prime if you don’t want to, I did it to make it quicker when it came to painting it.
Step 3
After 24 hours drying time I softly wiped it down with a dry towel to make sure no bits had settled during the drying time. I grabbed my old tin of white satin wood paint I had left over from a previous decorating frenzy, and got my paint on. I don’t think there Is any particular science behind it, just start anywhere but a pro may correct me on that one. I just started with the sides, got a rhythem going and it was done within 20 minutes. By this point I could really see it taking shape so I was getting a bit excited.
Step 4
While the paintwork was drying I decided to stick the large decal on to the thin board kindly given to me by IKEA. I got Mr MLP to assist for moral support but I managed it easy on my own. I slowly peeled the backing off and placed 2 corners on to the board, then slowly removed the backing, at the same time using a credit card to smooth the surface down as I was doing it to iron out any air bubbles. Once on, I used some tacks and a hammer to secure it to the back of the kitchen. Simples!
Step 5
Remove the shelf decals from the kit one at a time, this is based purely on your eye and how you feel most comfortable doing it. I personalise line the left hand corners and then smooth down from left to right, I got Mr MLP to do the other side and he felt more comfortable doing it top to bottom.
Step 6
For the door unscrew the handle; this will make it so much easier. Remove the decal from the kit and similarly square up two corners and slowly stick down, using a credit card as a smoothing tool. Use the screws to make the holes for the handle then reattach. Voila!

It’s totally up to you how you wish to do your own IKEA Duktig makeover. I’ve seen some who prefer to spray paint which I think is a good idea but would probably work best if your buying from new and you’ve not already assembled it. I’ve also seen the taps and washing-up bowel spray painted too. You can be as creative as you want, or keep it simple.

If you’re unsure, check out lifewithoaksandolive IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen upcycle using Modern Little People decal kit. She kept it simple but it works and looks awesome.

Check out available designs from Modern Little People here

Kitchen Accessories by Design Letter Kids available from Modern Little People

IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen

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