Canvas Growth Chart – Safari – Wee Gallery


Growth Chart – Safari – Wee Gallery. Grasp on to the memories and watch them grow and record their journey with the beautiful Organic Canvas Growth Chart – Safari – wee gallery. This playful growth chart is not only practical but is decorative too and will be a welcomed addition to any nursery, bedroom or playroom.

You often hear people say “time flies” or “they grow so fast” so why not keep track along the way of just how quickly your modern little person is growing with this super stylish growth chart.

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Canvas Growth Chart – Safari – Wee Gallery

The beautiful organic canvas growth chart – safari- Wee Gallery features sweet Safari animal faces that smile as your little one grows. These Canvas Growth Charts are ethically and sustainably made in India using screen printing on organic cotton canvas,and finished with a leather hanging cord and stylish fringe end. Comes in a special keepsake bag with a place for your child’s name and birth date. Measures 44×13 inches.

They make a perfect keepsake gift.

Why not print your own growth chart markers. Print on card stock, cut out and use these markers to chart your Modern Little Person’s growth.
See how you can make your own growth chart markers.


About the brand

Wee collections are both educational and artful. They go hand-in-hand in our book. Over the years we have informally worked with a mix of child development experts who have introduced Wee Gallery merchandise to their own children. We recently created a more formalized group of advisors to ensure we stay informed about advances in the area of infant development so our products can maintain high standards as educational tools. Similarly, each of our collections’ designs must pass the test of, “Will this equally enchant both children and design obsessed parents?”

Wee products engage children for years. Though our products are designed with infant development in mind, we have found that they have a much longer lifespan in children’s lives. So while infants are mesmerized by the high-contrast patterns used in our Art Cards’ whimsical hand-painted images, the six month old loves to focus on a card’s single figure, and the two year old is able to call them by name. Similarly, our stroller toys have bold high-contrast images that engage babies and toddlers, while the back of each card has a related question about the image as a way to engage toddlers and a-bit-older kids in a game of “wee spy”
while out and about.


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