Orange Fox LED Night Light I Disaster Designs

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Origami LED Fox Nightlight
Material: Poly-resin
Features LED bulb & black switch, includes USB cable option too
Available in orange

Dimensions: Measures Approx. 13.5cm (h) x 9.5cm (w)

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The Fox LED Night Light is just one in the range of the ultra cool LED night lights from exciting brand Disaster Designs.

The mini origami style night light lamps, powered by batteries or USB, make perfect night lights, quirky extra lighting, and gifts! Each light is powered by batteries or via the USB lead, both of which come included with your lamp. Choose from a green diplodocus, orange t-rex, pink stegosaurus, white triceratops, orange fox, pink rabbit or white rabbit, and enjoy the soft glow these unique little lamps give off!

Foxes are naturally bright, beautiful animals – which is why they’re so suited to this fantastic LED light. Designed to look like it’s been carefully folded from origami, this sweet little friend will look just the part guarding their bedside table and features an LED light that means it stays cool to the touch and safe for them to use.

Just imagine one of these cuties in your living room or on a bedside table – we can’t think of a better light for settling them off to sleep or for reading as the sun goes down.

From Disaster Designs, these mini LED night lights are a must have in colourful homes and children’s bedrooms.

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